Thursday, August 5

My story

I am Bobobek, the influencer in the Uzbek audience in IT-sphere. I am a founder of Programmer UZ that the people can learn programming and some technologies individually.

I am an infopreneur, programmer and designer. My main goal is to be the international influencer and motivator in my field. If you are reading this page, try to be with me and keep observing. Because whenever my international public speech will hold, this page will be told as part of my story 🙂

Some About Me

I am currently a junior student at Inha University in Tashkent in the department of Computer and Information Engineering. I participated in various projects as a project manager, programmer, video editor and designer in a team. However, I mostly spend my time to work individually. Because it helps for self-improvement, and the person gets more responsibility to perform certain tasks.

Here is the excerpt about myself. Keep track of me on the social networks and we will grow together.